Privacy policy

Unless you are a volunteer or a donor, we will not collect and/or store your personal data. 

If you contact us through our online form, we will dispose of your contact details and name immediately after resolving the instance for which you contacted us. Should you personally email any of our team members and volunteers, we invite you to explicitly state your desires concerning data persistance then, or to connect with the relevant person (or the DPO) at any later point in time, for requests concerning your GDPR rights.

If you are a volunteer, donor, or a supporter in general, we will only collect your sensitive data to satisfy its legal obligations (e.g.: contracts and payments' tracking persistance, ...), and will always be mindful to collect the barely minimum required data, and not more.

We might, only after explicitly agreeing with you, share some of your data (full name, title, image, and a link to a social web profile) with the public to pridefully showcase you as a member of our precious family, or when announcing/advertising actions and activities you are involved in. Please contact our DPO at any point, should you want to amend those data, or have them removed.

We invite you to proactively contact our DPO and/or our Collaboration Board for any doubts, and for any suggestions you might have about improving our performances on this matter, like we do for any other field of operation of the Collaboration.

When not otherwise specified, our digital/online services are offered through the Google for Nonprofits Program. Thus, Google's privacy policy is relevant to your interaction with said services: