Developer Guide

Contributions Welcome!

We welcome contributions to BioDynaMo in many forms, and there’s always plenty to do!

First things first, please review the BioDynaMo Code of Conduct before participating. It is important that we keep things civil.

Ways to contribute

There are many ways you can contribute to BioDynaMo, both as a developer, and as a user (e.g. contributing documentation and translations thereof).

This section is devoted to those who want/can contribute as developers:

If you only have a little time, consider picking up a “good first issue” task (check our forum).

If you can commit to full-time development, either propose a new feature and bring a team to implement it, or join one of the teams working on an existing open "mission". If you see a mission that interests you on the GitHub backlog, contact the assignee via the GitHub issue.

...anyway, you are most surely not here for the chitchats, so let's get started!