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The team at BioDynaMo releases their software as an open source project, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license in order to support the widest adoption and reuse possible, independently of the context (academic research? entrepreneurial initiatives? consultancies? name it!) 

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However, BioDynaMo is more than just the released code base: it is a community of driven researchers and developers coming together from multiple disciplines/domains of research and innovation under the flag of an ambitious mission: to bring forth a revolution in the exploration of scientific known-unknowns by democratizing access to simulation, and by offering an arena for competitive theoretical frameworks and conjectures to be industrially tested against world wide experimental results.

Check our bibliography to learn how we are going about the mission we set to ourselves.

How can you support our broader efforts, you ask? Well, how kind of you!

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to discuss any of the above, or to propose a form of support we did not think about yet

We would like to thank our sponsors, without whom most of this would not have been possible:

Innovation Fellowship: Computational modelling of cryopreservation of biological tissue 

Funded value: £502.399

Project reference: EP/S001433/1 

Computational modeling of retinal development

Funded value: £219.581 (costed at £274,477)

Project reference: MR/N015037/1

BioDynaMo agent-based simulations for COVID-19

Funded value: CHF80.000

Project reference: Covid-19 Fast-Track Funding

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer budget for Medical Applications

Funded value: CHF133.344

Project reference: "Biology Dynamics Modeller" 2017-2020 (granted in 2017)

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer budget for Medical Applications

Funded value: CHF100k

Project reference: "Biology Dynamics Modeller" 2020-2021 (granted in 2019)